Monday, September 22, 2014

Alpha Omicron Pi's Run for Roses

On Saturday, September 20th, Alpha Omicron Pi hosted their 14th Annual Run for Roses! This 5K went all through campus, and began under the Magnolia Arch. There were 2 overall winners, and then 6 winners per age group. All of the proceeds benefitted the local Alabama Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. AOΠ has been raising awareness and funds for the Arthritis Foundation since 1967. Since 2007, AOΠ has nationally raised over $2 million for Arthritis research and treatment. Auburn's chapter of AOΠ is currently the #1 Fundraising Chapter. Nationally chapters of AOΠ hold various fundraising events, but Run for Roses has become something the Auburn AOΠs are very passionate about! 
Before the race began they had one of their sisters, Avery Anthony, share her story of how arthritis had an impact on her life. She was diagnosed when she was just in high school, ending her field hockey career forever. Her story reminded us all of what we were running for, and gave everyone the motivation they needed. Thank you to AOΠ for keeping Run for Roses such a success!! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Alpha Gamma Delta's Wing Jam

On September 16th Alpha Gamma Delta held their 2nd Annual Wing Jam battle of the
bands competition. It was sponsored by Spicer’s Music, and catered by the Island Wing Company. This year they had 10 bands compete: Sidekicks, Dadbath, Caroline Jackson and Johnny Knox, Fred Suhling, Fiery Crash, Back Porch, Charlie Muncaster, Turn the Key, John Crow, and John Wilkris Trio! 
Congratulations to Fiery Crash who placed first, Charlie Muncaster who came in second, and Dad Bath who placed third!! The people's choice this year went to Caroline Jackson and Johnny Knox! All of the proceeds from this event went towards The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, benefitting Juvenile Diabetes research and awareness. Alpha Gam strives to go above and beyond in order to raise awareness for Juvenile Diabetes both locally and internationally. Everyone had so much fun listening to all of the great bands, and eating some delicious wings. Thanks ladies for putting together a night to remember!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cabinet Spotlights of the Week

Meet three members from our wonderful Panhellenic Cabinet, Olivia Norfleet, Caroline Given and Lauren Jones. Olivia is our Director of Spiritual Life, Caroline is our Liaison to the World Food Programme, and Lauren Jones is our Director of Benevolence. 

Olivia Norfleet is a mathematics major from Tullahoma, Tennessee. As the Director of Spiritual Life, Olivia serves as the liaison between Panhellenic and various campus ministries, as well as support the needs of the Panhellenic chapter chaplains. An event she has coming up soon is the prayer breakfast during Greek Week! We had her fill out our new Panny quiz, and here's what she said: 
Caroline Given is from Birmingham, Alabama, and is majoring in public relations. As the Liaison to the World Food Programme, Caroline keeps Panhellenic and the Committee of 19 informed of events and ongoings of both groups. In fact the Committee of 19 is hosting The Empty Bowls Banquet on October 23rd. This event is  designed to raise awareness of the hunger in our world today, at the end of the dinner each person will take home a bowl as a reminder of those whose food bowls are empty. So be sure to check it out, it's for a great cause! We had Caroline fill out our Panny Quiz too, and here is what she said: 
Last, but certainly not least, Lauren Jones is a pre-communication disorder major from Auburn, Alabama. As the Director of Benevolence she sets up philanthropic activities for Panhellenic to do as a whole, as well as monitor panny points for individual chapter's philanthropies. This week she is putting together a "School Supplies Drive" for a local after school program for underprivileged children. She asks that if you have anything you would be willing to donate please bring your items to council at Alpha Gamma Delta on September 23rd. Any little bit helps! We asked her to fill out our Panny Quiz, and here's what she said:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meet the Recruitment Executive Board

Meet the women who play a HUGE role in helping you find your new home at Auburn! 

And click here to meet the woman behind it all, the Vice President of Recruitment, 
Sande Rae Kirkland!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Recruitment Questions

You asked, and we answered! We tried to answer all of your questions as best we could. We organized all of the questions by category: questions about letters of recommendation, GPA, social media, clothing, Pi Chi groups, and about the process itself along with any other miscellaneous questions you asked. 
We hope this helps, and we can't wait until August 9th!! 

Letters of Recommendation 
  • What should I do if I don't know anyone from multiple sororities to write recommendation letters for me? 
    • Recommendation letters are NOT required! The only thing you need to go through Recruitment is to register on our website! Recommendation letters are considered to be like "extra credit" and each chapter places varying levels of importance on them. If you cannot secure a Recommendation letter to multiple sororities, don't worry about it! It is not a big deal at all. You can always try reaching out to local area almnae groups to see if they would be willing to write you a Recommendation but overall, it really is not necessary! You also don't need to worry about whether the sororities know about you. Once you register, all sororities have access to the information you submitted, which is basically what goes on a resume. If they want to give you an invitation, they can get a recommendation based on your registration.
  • Should I get a rec for all 17 sororities? Is it okay to have more than one rec for a sorority?
    • Like we said Recommendation letters are like "extra credit," so they are in no way required to go through Recruitment! If you want to work on them, great! If not, there is nothing to worry about! If you only have Recommendations for a few and not some others, thats fine too! If you want to secure multiple Recommendation letters for one sorority, that is fine (but definitely not necessary). No more than 2 per chapter would be a good number!
  • Can I have girls currently in a sorority write me a letter as long as they don't attend Auburn, and will it make any difference?
    • Some sororities accept letters of recommendation from collegians and some do not.  It is the responsibility of the sorority members to determine whether their letters will be considered and how to submit one.
  • A recommender has already sent in my pictures, resume, and letter. I still need to send in my transcripts though, can I send them directly to the sorority? I have already uploaded them to my registration account. 
    • Don't worry about it. As long as your transcript was uploaded with your registration, the sororities all have what they need. There is no need to send an additional copy.
  • Is there any way you can find out if a sorority has received your rec or not?
    • No. It is the responsibility of the sorority to secure recommendations if needed, and their communication will only be with their alumnae.
  • I had a 3.0, but after this summer it may drop. Will that effect me?
    • To go through Recruitment, there is no minimum GPA requirement. Each chapter does set its own standard though, some higher than others. There is no way of telling what chapters require what GPA though. While there is no minimum to participate in recruitment, each chapter does set its own standard. Women whose grade point averages are below 3.0 are significantly less likely to join a sorority.
  • I have a 2.94 GPA and I am crazy scared I won't get into a sorority. I know my chances are lessened because I don't have a 3.0, but is it going to be that tough to get into a sorority with a 2.94?
    • It's true that women who do not have at least a 3.0 have a significantly lower chances of joining a sorority.  Be sure that you approach recruitment with an open mind about membership. Whether you join or not, take advantage of the chance to meet people and make new friends.  If you begin your freshman year without being in a sorority and still wish to join, there will be other opportunities to join sororities.  Fall semester will be your chance to prove that you can do well in college, so make sure to work very hard on your grades, whether you are in a sorority or not.  It is easier to join a sorority and to remain active in a sorority when your grades are high.
  • If I have a 3.2 GPA, will I still get into a sorority?
    • Some sororities may have a GPA standard higher than that, but women with a 3.2 still have a good chance of joining a sorority.  Remember that grades are not the only thing.  Sororities put lots of emphasis on their personal interactions with you at recruitment, so be sure to be your best self at recruitment.
  • If each sorority has their own GPA cutoff, and you fall in love with a certain sorority, but you don't meet the GPA requirement, will you know the GPA requirement or will someone tell you so you don't waste a preference? 
    • Academic standards vary from sorority to sorority and are not publicly shared.  If a sorority does not invite you back, you will not be told why.  But, don't worry about wasting preferences.  Each day, you will list each sorority whose party you attended, so you won't cost yourself anything by being honest in your preferences each day.
Social Media 
  • How is Yik Yak usage (mainly downing other soroities) going to be handled/avoided?
    • We are going to monitor Yik Yak VERY carefully during the week of Recruitment. We know that people are going to use the app negatively and we want to keep everything positive so we are going to do our best to encourage members and Potential Members to refrain from using the app and have any negatvie content reported. Because Yik Yak is anonmyous, it is difficult to police. We have more important things to do than chase people who have nothing better to do than participate in immature gossip. We hope that our sororities are working internally to remind their members to promote positive Panellenic contact. We do not encourage anyone to look at Yik Yak, but we hope that those who do will remember that things on Yik Yak are not verifiable and that unkind things are posted by cowards looking to stir up trouble.
  • Is it true that sororities look at potential members Facebook pages? 
    • All summer long, potential members work to study the sororities and learn as much as they can.  The sororities are doing the same thing. Sororities use information from registrations and recommendations to learn about potential members, but they will also use information found through social media.
  • What should I wear? 
    • Auburn Panhellenic has a lot of different social media outlets that have some ideas for what to wear for each round of Recruitment! Visit our Pinterest page and look through our Facebook albums from last years Recruitment to see photos from Potential New Members during the week!
  • What should we wear to kickoff that Saturday night?
    • Any comfortable clothes! Many girls will choose to wear running shorts and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy at all! You will just be meeting your Pi Chi and Pi Chi groups and going over information for the next morning. Save dressing up for the rest of the week!
  • Are dresses with cutouts appropriate to wear during recruitment week?
    • A cutout does not necessarily make a dress inappropriate.  If you would feel comfortable wearing it to a nice family dinner or to get together with your boyfriend's parents, you can safely wear it to recruitment.  Dresses with cutouts are really in style, so we expect many people will wear them.
  • On philanthropy days, could we wear a pair of nice shorts with our tshirts? Do many people do that or do they normally wear skirts?
    • Anything is fine. Just stay away fom work out shorts. You want to put your best foot forward. Since we're not doing crafts this year, you don't have to worry about getting paint on things.
  • On the philanthropy rounds would it be normal or okay to wear jean shorts as long as they weren't frayed or anything? 
    • Absolutely!
  • Are most girls wearing a black dress to pref?
    • Black is a color that is very commonly worn on preference day, but it is not required or even expected. In 2012, we did a study that showed that, while 4 our of 5 women wore black, those who wore colors were more likely to get a bid to the sorority of their first choice.
  • What should we wear on bid day?
    • On Bid Day, a shirt and shorts of your choosing would be just fine! You will receive a t shirt from your new chapter to put on after bids are distributed, so no need to dress up at all!  
  • Pending Bid Day, will we need a white dress for initiation? I was looking through pictures and I'm still unsure. 
    • We know some sororities have ceremonies that require the members to wear white. Some people may need a white dress as early as bid day, some will need it weeks later, and some will not need one. It's not a bad idea to bring a white dress when you move in... just in case.
  • If we're tall, should we wear heels anyway or stick with flats? Can we wear our hair in a ponytail, or will that look unpolished?
    • Wear whatever you feel the most comforatable in! Even if you are tall, go ahead and rock the heels if that is what you feel best in! Same goes for hair, makeup, and clothes. The girls in the chapters want to see YOUR personality, and you will feel the most confident, and feel the best when you are wearing what makes you happy!
  • What do you suggest we bring in a bag everyday?
    • Follow this link to a previous blog post for more information 
  • What would you recommend to keep cool, I really want to wear my hair down, but I dont want to 'glisten' either. 
    • A really good item to bring would be a spray fan! One of the ones that holds water at the bottom and has a fan attached to the top! We know its hot though so everyone will be sweating, it wont be a big deal at all!  Between parties, you are welcome to wait inside the air-conditioned Panhellenic chapter room to stay cool as well. 
  • Is it bad to not wear heels during recruitment?
    • No way!  Wear shoes that are nice enough to allow you to feel confident wearing them with your chosen attire.  Also, make sure they are broken in enough to not hurt.  But, flats are completely acceptable.  There are lots of great styles that are very current and, if you wear flats, you won't be alone.
  • Are the outfits that different? they all seem dressy to me
    • You're right that there are dresses that could work for any day of the week. The greatest difference is in the accessories and what you plan to do that day.  Fancier accessories come out later in the week.  Ice Water Teas are fast moving and have a more casual feel to the days in the ways they are structured.  More comfortable clothes should be worn earlier in the week.  You will stand most of the time, so don't worry about how you will sit in the dress.  Philanthropy day is very casual and you just want to match whatever shirt you are wearing.  Skit day is more dressy and you will sit on the floor to watch skits, so be sure you can sit on the floor confidently.  Preference Day will have the least amount of standing and most of the sitting will be done in chairs at tables.  If you have uncomfortable shoes you're dying to wear, do it this day. 
Pi Chi Groups 
  • When will we meet our Pi Chi counselors? 
    • The orientation at the kickoff will be done in shifts, so not everyone will go to the same place at the same time. We can't assign Pi Chis until registration is complete. So, it will be August 8 when your Pi Chi contacts you for the first time. For this reason, you need to make sure your cell phone number is correct on your registration. She will contact you with specific instructions about where to go and when to be there on August 9. On the 9th, she will have a specific schedule for you, and you will meet everyone in your group!
  • How are the girls chosen for their Pi Chi groups?
    • Pi Chi groups are assigned alphabetically.  The women in each recruitment group have last names that are alphabetically near one another.  The Pi Chis are randomly assigned.
The Recruitment Process 

  • Is there a place to park if you don't have a parking pass and live off campus? 
    • Potential members not living on campus need to park in the RO parking lots at the end of West Thach.  We will have shuttle buses that can pick you up and bring you to the Village each morning.
  • What time do the activities start on August 9th?
    • Your Pi Chi will contact you on the 8th to let you know exactly when and where to report.  We will begin around 5:00 pm and all be in or near the Student Center.
  • What time will we start and finish each day? 
    • On Ice Water Tea Days, parties will begin at 8 am and last until around 4-5 pm with breaks in between! After IWT round, every persons schedule varies and some may have longer days than others. There really is no "set" time where everyone starts and finishes after IWT round. The sororities will hold parties from around 8 am to 6 or 7 pm each day but a Potental Members schedule will vary depending on which sororties she visits that round. After parties wrap up, you will finish out each day with a group meeting with your Pi Chi group and dinner together.
  • What's the schedule of days? Is Ice water teas first? 
    • The basic schedule is as follows: August 10-11th IWT, August 12-13th Philanthropy, August 14th Skit, August 15th Preference, and August 16th Bid Day!
  • How much free time do we have during the day during rush week?
    • You will typically be busy around 12-14 hours a day, either at parties or with your Pi Chi group. Typically, you will each lunch or dinner with your Pi Chi groups. There is minimal down time during the week of Recruitment!
  • I will be transferring to Auburn in two years from Southern Union. When I transfer I will be considered a Junior. Should I even bother trying to join a sorority; will I even be considered because I am a Junior? 
    • At Auburn, juniors join sororities at a lower rate than freshmen and sophomores. This is partly because juniors have usually been on campus for a year or two and are limited by which sororities they will consider and are more likely to withdraw. Juniors are also more likely to be released. The juniors who are released typically don't meet the GPA standards required by the sororities. So, will a junior be considered by the sororities at Auburn? Yes, if she is open minded and if she has good grades.
  • I'm a sophomore coming as a transfer. What are the chances of me getting a bid?
    • Auburn Panhellenic takes girls of all ages and grade levels! Even if you are not a freshman, the chances of still getting a Bid are the same!
  • If I want to bring a snack with me like some goldfish or some triscuit crackers is that ok? 
    • That would be a great snack idea! Also, carrots with hummus, pretzels, a granola bar, and some water would also be good choices! We really encourage bringing snacks, you will get hungry and might not have time to get anything.
  • How many girls will be visiting each chapter at one time  during each round of parties? 
    • It will vary from round to round! During the IWT parties, expect about 75 girls per party and it will continually decrease each round. Don't worry, though. Our sororities are very large and can accommodate these groups.
  • What events should parents be present for and/or attend and what should parents NOT be in attendance for?
    • Beginning with the recruitment kickoff, recruitment events and meetings are for the potential members only. Parents should not attend. Bids will be distributed on the 16th at 10:00 am in the Arena. This event will also be for potential members only. Sororities will have receptions afterward to welcome their new members. Interested parents may attend if they wish. After the receptions end ar 12 or 1, the new members will be dismissed. However, the sororities are required to provide entertainment until midnight on bid day. So , depending on the sorority, new members will be required to return in the evening for members- only activities and will be there for the duration of the night. If a parent is from far away, its not a requirement that parents attend bid day.
  • Who makes who the final decision on what sorority the girl will get a bid for, the sorority or the girl?
    • Both.  New members are determined by a system of mutual selection called Preferential Bid Matching.  In this system, the potential members will submit a list of the sororities she visited that day, ranked by her preference.  Those rankings are compared to lists submitted by the sororities and used to match women to sororities.
  • Can my boyfriend stay with me during recruitment?
    • If you are living on campus, you may not have opposite-sex guests at any time.  If you are living elsewhere, your house guests are up to you.  It is important to note, however, that you will be very busy during recruitment.  So any guests staying with you should know you will not be available to spend time with you.  It is our advice that you not have any houseguests so that you can minimize distractions and outside commitments.
  • What can I look for to differentiate the sororities from each other?
    • Think about your conversations and how you feel in your interactions with the members.  Also, make notes to jog your memory later in the day.  Something like, "Pink shirts... talked with Allison about summer camp... big fern on the piano" can really give you a mental image of your time there.  Pay attention to what they tell you they are interested in and value.  Be honest about yourself.  If you have been told that you would love a sorority, but you realize you had a better time somewhere else, its best to make the choice that will make you the happiest.
  • What type of questions are usually asked during recruitment?
    • There are many conversations during recruitment.  The first round typically focuses on "get to know you" questions.  Be ready to talk about your home, what you did in the summer, what you want to do in college, and anything else you want to share to introcude yourself.  Philanthropy day conversations focus on philanthropic endeavors, skit day conversations focus on accomplishments and involvement, and preference day conversations focus on deciding which sorority you would most like to join.
  • If we get cut in the middle of recruitment when and how will we find out?
    • The Pi Chis are the main point of contact with the potential members.  If someone is released from recruitment, we typically do not know until 3 or 4 in the morning.  In this case will will notify the Pi Chi, who will deliver the news ASAP.  At your first meeting with your Pi Chi, you will fill out a card with lots of information on it.  Part of what you will tell is how you would want to be notified if you are released.  She will follow the instructions on the card and notify you in as private of a way as possible and early enough that you will not show up at recruitment.  This will not be her last contact with you, though.  Expect her to follow up with you and keep in touch.  Should you decide to try to join a sorority later or participate in COB, she will be there as a resource for you.
  • Are the reputation rumors true? And to what extent?
    • Our sororities are huge.  During the school year, each sorority has over 200 members.  This means every sorority has every kind of member.  If someone tells you that the Beta Beta Beta members they know are studious, that's probably true.  But, there are also Beta Beta Beta members who are not studious.  There are also Beta Beta Betas who like athletics or theater or travel.  Whatever you're into, every sorority has members that like those things too.
  • I am from out of state and don't think my parents will be able to attend bid day. Will I feel lonely or out of place?
    • No!  When you receive your bid, you will head directly to your new sorority.  There will be a person there waiting specifically for YOU. She will have a gift for you and will host you throughout the day.  You won't be alone at all.  Many women have family in attendance, but many women do not have family in attendance.  In fact, you will be in a better position to really talk to your new sisters and get to know them on bid day.  You will also have a few hours of quiet rest time in the afternoon before you have to return to your sorority chapter room.
  • I have orientation on the 13th so what do I do about the recruitment activities? 
    • Some students will participate in SOS on the 13th. For these women, SOS needs to be their first priority. The FYE office knows that you will want to wrap up as soon as you can so you can come to recruitment. On the 12th, let your Pi Chi know you will be at SOS the next day and ask her to relay the message to the Head Pi Chi. When we make schedules the next day, we will work to schedule you for the parties late in the day. You will most likely make it to most of your parties, if not all of them. If you still miss parties, we will let those chapters know why you are not there. They will decide whether or not to invite you back, but they will know you missed the party for legitimate reasons.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday's Tip of the Week: You've Got Recruitment in the Bag

Of course your Pi Chi will have a "survival kit" filled with anything you may need, but here are a few items that are a good idea to bring along yourself!

A notebook to keep notes after each party. This will help make it is easier to differentiate all of the parties at the end of the day. Touch up make-up, a hair brush, and oil absorbing sheets. It gets very hot and humid during Recruitment Week, so it's a good idea to bring some of these things along in case you need to touch up throughout the day. Band-Aids. We recommend the kind made for blisters just in case your shoes starts to bother you. A mini fan. This is a great tool that will help you stay cool all day. Some light reading materials are good to have when you have a break between parties. Flip-flops. These are always great to have in your bag if you're wearing uncomfortable shoes. Mints, so you can freshen your breath quickly in between parties. Advil. A phone charger. Since you won't be able to go back to your dorm a whole lot, it's a good idea to bring one along in case your battery dies in the middle of the day. An umbrella. Alabama weather is very unpredictable, so you're definitely going to want an umbrella in case it starts to pour rain on your way to a party. A light snack. You will have a lunch break, but the days are very long so its a good idea to bring something with you in case you get hungry. Deodorant. Make sure it's light scented or unscented. A water bottle. You will be outside and hot, A LOT. It's very important that you drink a lot of water as you brave the heat. 

Of course you do not need to bring all of these things, but these are definitely items that we had or wish we had in our bags when we went through Recruitment! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Presidential Spotlight: Mallory Ferguson

Meet the President of Gamma Phi Beta, Mallory Ferguson! Mallory is from Atlanta, Georgia, and is majoring in Public Relations. Outside of her sorority she has been involved with University Programs Council, Lambda Pi Eta, and AU College Republicans. Before becoming the president, she also served as Gamma Phi Beta's Administrative Vice President. We asked her to fill out our Panny Quiz, and here's what she said: